Working in the IoT Industry

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Graduating from University. 2 weeks after a road trip with familia and bam! The first day of work as an intern at Calamp.


Enjoy solving an unlimited amount of engineering problems on a day to day basis from small missing import statement to revamping a brand new git repository for a firmware client script to a server.

Travel to places such as California to help with more Research and Development and setting up production lines.

Oh and gadgets, lots of them!

After 6 months of gruesome (not really) internship, I got transitioned to full time!

What’s it like working in the IoT industry? It’s like every other company but with different products and organization structure. That’s it. I like the environment, the people, and how the company treats me (mostly compensation lol jk, but am I?).

Joshua Liew

Joshua Liew

Your friendly Computer Engineer

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