Growth Plateau?

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A year and a half working here at Calamp as a Firmware Test Engineer. I think I’ve hit a growth plateau?

Currently, so far from what I gather working a test engineer include:

The experience thus far is great! As good as it sounds from the bullet points above, I am starting to see a pattern and routine. Although this is what I have worked for the past years in college to be an engineer, where I solve real-world problems everyday. There’s still this urge to want something ‘new’ as cliché as it sounds

How should I move up & forward to get the feeeling of uneasiness out of my chest? Asking my manager for a new project will only give me more engineering tasks but I think I am actually seeking for something different. Maybe something related to interpersonal relationships instead of just ‘engineering’ skills since ‘skills’ at this point seems to be attainable easily as long as you practice hard for a couple days or weeks.

Processing all these, I am not sure how to bring this up to my manager or if I should even bring it up. Because I am not sure if this is considered professional? Or personal? Maybe a therapist seems more suited to answer.

What am I looking for from now on? Time will tell.

Here’s some flowers

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