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Hello, Everyone! This is my very first blog using Jekyll. I am new to blogging and using Jekyll. So you will see some major modifications if you are continuously plowing through my website.

The reason I started this is because I want to share my experience as a student and also to remind myself of the amazing things (be it bad or good) that happened to me so that I can look back at my posts and reflect. Starting this blog has definitely pushed me to learn new knowledge and getting my facts right before even posting them. There are a lot of things going on in my head, sharing my random thoughts and viewpoints is definitely one way to organize them.

I’d like to also share as much information as possible to the world of what a normal Computer Engineering student would face if anyone is at all curious from an international student viewpoint living here in the United States. Studying here in the US is definitely challenging but fun at the same time. From the courses that I’ve taken and projects that I am working on (including this one), seeing them all in one place makes me feel better.

I hope this blog will somehow relate to you in one way or another. Excited to see myself improve as I move on with my daily routines. See ya’ll in the next post!

Joshua Liew

Joshua Liew

Your friendly Computer Engineer

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