Growth Plateau? - Part 2 (Answered)

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From my previous blog post. Have I hit a plateau? No, far from it. Though, this time I will be touching on multiple topics.

So what is the secret to growth? The steps below have been highly helpful for me in the year 2020. They may be cliché.

Get a promotion

Once I got promoted, I have more new tasks and new skills to learn. It’s almost always never a day goes by with repetition from my first position. It’s changing from assisting interns, juggling between multiple projects, covering new programming languages (C/C++) on top of Python, different microprocessors to tinker, and a lot more testing and documentation.

Honing technical skills

Leetcode is hands down the best platform to practice your coding skills, making you think quicker, with insights and great resources for career growth in the discussion section. With the unfortunate pandemic causing everyone to panic, hiring freeze, and lays offs, it’s a no brainer to hone your technical skills and grow.


They can play a huge role in helping you unwind and spark great ideas. Drawing comic is one of them for me. Check it out!

On Another Note

Looking at posts, news, current tech, politics, we are far from achieving the futuristic, collaborative world that we seek and endear. The videos below changed the way I see things.

The social dilemma

While tech has given us zero lag time access to unlimited info, how are we going to use them for the good of humanity and the world? What can I do now to learn and do something / improve about it? Or apply this readily available tech for something else?

Timelapse of the future: A journey to the end of time

Time is irrelevant at the end, so why bother doing what you do? To feel a sense of accomplishment, sate the hunger of feeling included, to participate, and to feel alive. That’s why

How Far Can We Go? Limits of Humanity

The limits to our knowledge and inability to curb social issues may be causing us to anticipate a dark future (climate change, civil war, human extinction) - What can we do to make it brighter? Is this inevitable? Many other videos from kurzgesagt are the best videos that make me ponder because there is so much to do.

So back to the taking action part. What can I do now with my current skill set? Time will tell.

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Joshua Liew

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