Experience Working as a CoOp at Turck Inc

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It’s been almost 3 months and counting since I started working at Turck. And I never would’ve imagined learning so much in just a short period of time. My experience thus far has been very good and I am liking the challenge my supervisor gave me and the support they provide.

I work in the R&D Testing Department. That means I am constantly surrounded with professions whose responsibilities will be similar to my future career. Not sure about you but I think this is a great opportunity to network and meet people. I learned so much about the automotive industry just by talking to them around the work campus. We live in a people world. That’s right, and it will be the people that can help you reach your goal.

At first, I felt overwhelmed, mostly because there is so much info that I need to understand and get used to. But these 3 months I learned a lot from them. Just some basic tips from my supervisor to get me started and with loads of Googling, I managed to design a circuit board, soldered them, and made it work with some coding. It’s as if I can do wonders if there is some guidance and if I am willing to try.

Also, Turck takes reallyy good care of their employees. Every month, they have programs such as financial planning, stress management courses, and even massage services for you to de-stress.

From LabView to C#. Working here as a co-op has left a huge impact on me in terms of skills and exposure.

Markdown Image Milling machine to mill the circuit board

Markdown Image Complete and working Color Sensor!

Joshua Liew

Joshua Liew

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