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Inspired by Iron Man’s movie user interface. I decided to start another side project to make something similar. Spending some free time during this one month break before Spring semester starts, I have made something similar.


Program Explained

There are 2 programs with different libraries I found while browsing. They can be found here and here. The first one uses 2 ways to move, WASD or move your hand around the webcam. Currently, this one only tracks left, right, up, and down hand swipes. The second one uses WASD to move the ball, and hand fist shape with your palm facing towards the camera to stop the ball from moving further.

Program Background

These 2 programs are supported by JavaScript and HTML. The libraries used are js-objectdetect and gest.js which I found from GitHub. The 2d-like world is created using whitestrom js 3d world creator.

Goals and achievements

The main goal is to create the exact replica of Iron Man’s cool user interface within a month’s time during my Winter break. Well~ I did not achieve this goal but I managed to discover state of the art free motion tracking Javascript libraries and 3D world creators. I also get to explore the different functionalities of Javascript, HTML, as well the convenience of WebGL that is easily accessible.


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